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Civil Practice Attorney in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Seasoned Assistance for General Civil Legal Matters

At some point in your life, you may encounter a legal issue. You may need a contract or a lease agreement to be reviewed. You may need guidance on how to handle a traffic matter that could cause your insurance rates to spike or lead to loss of your driving privileges. It could be that you are the target of a lawsuit and do not know what to do next. Should you find yourself in need of solid and established legal counsel, discover how we at Michael P Swisher PC can help.

For over 30 years, our attorney Michael Swisher has helped people in and around Lee’s Summit, Missouri, understand their legal options and decide how best to approach and resolve the matter. If you live in the Kansas City metro, including Olathe and other areas of Johnson County, Kansas, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Types of Civil Cases We Handle

No matter what brings you into our office, we’re prepared to address your case with dedicated service at every step. Our practice includes a wide range of civil law matters, including:

  • Traffic violations: Speeding, careless driving, driving without a seatbelt or driver’s license, etc.

  • Breach of contract: When you are accused of or contend that the other party is not following through on the promises set forth in a contract. Breaches can be material or minor.

  • Civil litigation: Filing or defending you in a lawsuit; review, amendment or creation of contracts.

  • Contested probate: When you believe you have a claim to some or all of the assets in a loved one’s Missouri estate and this is not what you are receiving per the probate court.

We recognize that legal issues can be uncomfortable, in large part because of the “legalese” language that’s often used in the process. We’ll take the time to explain things simply and clearly to help you better understand everything that happens throughout the course of your case.

As a long-time, active member of the community, our attorney is deeply committed to helping people find affirmative and productive ways to resolve their disputes and legal issues. Whether your case requires litigation or can be settled out of court, we’ll be by your side until you’ve reached a solution.

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What Our Attorney Can Do

Using his vast experience in the area of civil law, our attorney can advise you on each step of your case. He has the skills to help you understand the various aspects of the litigation process, including investigation, pleadings, and discovery. He is also prepared to be your dedicated advocate during the pre-trial, trial, negotiation, settlement, and appeal processes. By working with our attorney at Michael P Swisher PC, you can feel confident knowing you’ve put a knowledgeable and passionate representative in your corner.

Caring & Supportive Legal Guidance

When it comes to seeking out legal representation in the Kansas City metro, it can be difficult to choose from your myriad of options. You deserve an attorney who will put your needs first. At Michael P Swisher PC, we take a “whole person, whole issue” approach to resolving our clients’ civil law cases. Our attorney is prepared to work with you on a plan of action completely tailored to your situation.

Don’t wait any longer to start pursuing a favorable outcome to your civil law issue. Set up a free consultation with our attorney today by contacting us in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We offer honest and experienced service to clients throughout the area, including those located in Olathe and across Johnson County, Kansas.